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Five Reasons to Choose a One-Year MBA

Five Reasons to Choose a One-Year MBA

When deciding to which MBAs you’re going to apply, one of the key considerations is programme length. Do you opt for the increased theoretical learning and internship opportunities of a two-year program, typically favored in the US, or the greater intensity, more advanced starting point and lower opportunity cost of a one-year program, more commonly found in Europe?

Tobias Böcker, a student at EMLYON Business School, opted for the latter. Here are his five reasons to enroll on a one-year MBA as opposed to a longer-form programme.

1. Project-based learning

Project-based learning enables students to instantly put theory into practice; especially relevant to those who are newer to the world of business, according to Böcker.

“From the beginning, the EMLYON International MBA combines theories and business models with hands-on problem solving. The programme starts with a business game, to understand the interrelations of different business functions such as marketing, finance, or HR. As we move forward, we are exposed to dozens of case studies in these different subjects,” says Böcker.

Each student undertakes a nine-month consulting project with two or three classmates for a partner company. “Project-based learning in a one-year MBA can be crucial for candidates looking to understand various aspects of business in a short time,” says Böcker.

2. Understanding a mixture of business models

There is, says Böcker, a dedicated focus on understanding business models from around the world, allowing candidates to gain a deeper understanding of them, and how they differ from those closer to home.

“As with any international MBA programme where participants encounter various nationalities, the one-year MBA exposes candidates to various international business models. This is leveraged with case study discussions in class and learning trips to countries such as Finland, China, and the UAE.”

3. Learning from real entrepreneurs

Among the professors and speakers on Böcker’s course are highly-regarded entrepreneurs, from whom candidates can learn and take inspiration.

“A lot of entrepreneurs can be found among MBA alumni and speakers are willing to share their experiences with the class. These business people add tremendous value to the classroom,” he adds.

4. MBA careers

A one-year MBA provides all the tools for candidates to work towards their targeted MBA careers, says Böcker.

MBA candidates should look for schools that focus on their career development needs, he advises. “For example, at EMLYON, in order to leverage the large alumni network, the school introduced a mentoring programme in 2013 which matches the interests of current MBA participants with profiles of alumni.”

Additionally, EMLYON’s career services provides various seminars, covering topics such as personal and leadership development, network building and application training.

5. Study abroad to gain international exposure

The international mix in the MBA classroom – no one nationality dominates – provides a rich learning environment. It also offers a reflection of today’s international business environment.

“Not even 20% of the current MBA participants in my course are French, which shows that internationality plays an important role in the modern classroom,” says Böcker. “Among the remaining students, approximately 50% come from Europe and 50% from beyond. In addition to that, we are offered an option to study abroad at a partner university abroad as part of the MBA.”

Therefore, a one-year MBA doesn’t mean your options to travel outside the country of your program have to be limited. “In fact, at EMLYON, the school allows us to take chosen electives in term three at any partner university, if they offer the chosen courses.”

Written by QS for EMLYON Business School

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