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International MBA graduate Drazen Lucic coaches entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend

International MBA graduate Drazen Lucic coaches entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend

This weekend saw EMLYON Business School host France’s first ever Startup Weekend women’s edition. The Startup Weekend brought together 100 students, professionals, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and developers who share the same desire to launch an innovate idea. With just 54 hours to work on their concept, the groups were coached by professionals and entrepreneurs who helped them to create a prototype, define their business model and prepare their pitches to convince the jury. Groups had 5 minutes to pitch their ideas and 4 minutes to answer Q&A’s by the judges.

Four teams sailed to victory, guaranteeing professional coaching and financial investment for their new ventures. The groups included sustainable agriculture from Ecopole, StreetOut, an urban sport smartphone app, Smartclock, a smartphone app featuring the time, weather and traffic news, and BlablaCook, an affordable co-cooking community.

Find out more about Startup Weekend Women’s Edition Lyon, organised by SmartUP, a student association of CENTRALE LYON and EMLYON that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation within the two schools.

International MBA programme graduate Drazen Lucic coaches Startup teams to victory

International MBA programme graduate Drazen Lucic was one of the coaches at the Startup Weekend women’s edition. Currently working as a Technology Product Manager specialising in Smart Buildings at Distech Controls, Drazen coached winning teams Ecopole, StreetOut and Blah Blah Cook to victory. We caught up with him at this weekend’s Startup event.

How were you involved in this weekend’s Startup Weekend women’s edition in Lyon?

I was assisting as a coach regarding Lean Startup methodologies to help the teams get off on the right foot during the critical beginning stage of the weekend. On Saturday I assisted about 9 teams, spending about 15 to 20 minutes with each one. I concentrated on explaining to them the importance of validating their basic assumptions of their product and giving them some tools to do that since the judges are keen on finding ideas that are backed by some evidence. I participated in a Startup Weekend two years ago and I found it a lot of fun and very interesting. I really like the concept.

What did you think of the pitches?

I thought the pitches were great and I was happy to see the teams using all kinds of tools in their presentations such as videos, slides, animations, mockups, theatre acts and great graphics.

How did the International MBA programme prepare you to coach aspiring entrepreneurs?

The people that you meet in the International MBA programme change your life. Each person is a well of knowledge waiting to give you a new pillar of experience in your life. Learning from these resources carefully will completely change your perspective on life. These experiences are what I was able to bring to the coaching session during the Startup Weekend. I was able to explain to the students how users perceive products, how investors judge business, how our mind biases our decisions on levels much higher than what academic courses could have provided.

 The same learnings that I acquired during the MBA have allowed me to focus myself on my personal goals, my career goals and has allowed to me take the next career step confidently.

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