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International MBA grad & entrepreneur Tobias coaches at Startup Weekend Women’s edition

International MBA grad & entrepreneur Tobias coaches at Startup Weekend Women’s edition

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit was abound at this weekend’s Startup event, hosted by EMLYON. France’s first ever Startup Weekend women’s edition, which saw 53% participation by women, brought together 100 students, professionals, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and developers. Groups had just 54 hours to work on their innovative idea, coached by professionals and entrepreneurs who helped them prepare their 5 minute pitch to the jury.

Smartphone apps were firmly on the agenda, from co-cooking, finding restaurants and attractions in a new city, music streaming, sports events to travel planning. Some groups chose environmental and social issues, such as notifications to reduce your household energy consumption and a website to connect individuals and organisations to local charitable missions. There was even a group developing technology within surfboards to reduce shark attacks on surfers!

Four teams sailed to victory, guaranteeing coaching and financial investment for their new ventures. The winners were Ecopole with their solution to sustainable agriculture, StreetOut, an urban sport smartphone app, Smartclock, smartphone app featuring the time, weather and traffic news, and BlablaCook, an affordable co-cooking community.

Tobias BoeckerInternational MBA graduate Tobias shares entrepreneurial knowledge with teams at the Startup Weekend

Tobias Boecker, graduate of the International MBA programme and experienced entrepreneur is currently building a start-up in the pet health industry together with a PhD graduate from INSA, a well known engineering school in Lyon. Previously, he worked as a Startup Scout for the accelerator Startupbootcamp IoT & Data in Barcelona.

As the winner of the Investors’ Choice Award at the Munich Venture Summit, the Elevator Pitch at Rhein-Neckar Technology Ventures and New Venture Pitch Competition at EMLYON, he was able to share his experience with aspiring entrepreneurs at the Startup Weekend.

How were you involved in the Startup Weekend women’s edition?

​Given my entrepreneurial experience with Gourmeo (the equivalent of La Fourchette in Germany, UK, and Brazil) and previous startup competitions, I supported the various groups in defining and shaping their 5 minute pitches for the final presentation.

What did you think of the pitches?

Most of the participants in the Startup Weekend ​didn’t have any previous pitching experience and it was their first time presenting an idea to a broad audience. With this in mind, the teams did a great job presenting their results of the last 54 hours. There’s room for improvement but I hope that the participants pursue their entrepreneurial spirit and will have more chances to practice their perfect pitch.

How do you think the International MBA programme prepared you to coach aspiring entrepreneurs? How did it prepare you for your career?

Our ‘New Venture’ project was a great opportunity to refresh my pitching skills. Overall, the exposure to many different cultures and personalities enabled me to deal with the diverse Startup Weekend teams and to show them the way to their ideal individual pitch.

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Find out more about Startup Weekend women’s edition in Lyon organised by SmartUP, a student association of CENTRALE LYON and EMLYON that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation within the two schools.



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