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EMLYON’s MBA: voted #10 best MBA for entrepreneurship in the world

EMLYON’s MBA: voted #10 best MBA for entrepreneurship in the world

The International MBA programme from EMLYON Business School was voted number 10 best MBA for entrepreneurship in the world by the Financial Times in 2014. Educating entrepreneurs for the world since 1872, EMLYON Business School has a reputation as one of the leading European institutions for entrepreneurship.

So what are the advantages of focusing on entrepreneurship for MBA participants? How does EMLYON Business School prepare International Master of Business Administration participants to be future entrepreneurial leaders?

Why study entrepreneurship during the MBA?

The focus on entrepreneurship throughout the International MBA programme gives participants the ability to identify interesting new business opportunities and have the capability to exploit them profitably. Your ability to think innovatively to solve a business problem, work as an effective team and present your ideas convincingly to gain key buy-in is imperative for today’s MBA recruiters. Whilst certain MBA program skills may become outdated, an entrepreneurial attitude will last your whole life, and set you apart from other MBA candidates. Whether you choose to work for an organisation or create your own company, your entrepreneurial know-how will allow you to make better decisions, therefore enabling you to make a greater impact throughout your future career.

According to Pascale Berthier Head of MBA Programme International Track: « Today’s economic conditions require companies to recruit entrepreneurial leaders that can find and develop opportunities, adapt quickly to circumstances, marshal necessary resources, and build effective relationships. Fully in line with market demand and evolving management issues, EMLYON Business School offers a unique International MBA programme entirely dedicated to helping a select group of individuals become entrepreneurial leaders worldwide.”

best MBA for entrepreneurship

How does EMLYON Business School teach entrepreneurship?

At EMLYON Business School, a leading European institution in entrepreneurship education, MBA students take courses in entrepreneurship throughout the entire programme. Teaching focuses purely on evidence-based entrepreneurship, based on the best scientific evidence in the field of entrepreneurship available at the time. Participants will learn how and why entrepreneurship happens, as well as critically how and why it fails. Professors of entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School argue that understanding entrepreneurship and innovation cannot come from studying successful entrepreneurs of the past, but by having a strong understanding of the context in which something was a success. This knowledge can then enable us to learn how to apply these principles to our own environment to drive entrepreneurial success.

best MBA for entrepreneurship

Participants of the International MBA also complete a 9 month part-time Entrepreneurial Leadership Project where they act as consultants for an organisation, developing new competencies to apply their learnings and deal with real-life business issues. MBA Master of Business Administration candidates can select the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project that closely meets their career objectives, with projects being highly entrepreneurial in nature. Examples of Entrepreneurial Leadership Projects include the international development of a new start-up, developing a company’s online sales strategy or improving the efficiency of an organisation’s service innovation process.

Plus, participants of the International MBA are constantly exposed to entrepreneurship opportunities during their time at EMLYON Business School, such as attending the annual leading World Entrepreneurship Forum, an EMLYON initiative, the EMLYON Incubator, voted the #1 Incubator in France by l’Entreprise, as well as key conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship throughout the year.

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

Professors of entrepreneurship at EMLYON believe that anyone can learn to become an entrepreneur, because entrepreneurship like management, is a practice, meaning that any individual is able to improve their skill through education and practical application. Whilst the successes of some of the world’s best entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson is due in part to their unique time and place in history and cannot be replicated, the philosophy of the school is that any individual can learn to be better at entrepreneurship than they are today.

Participants of the MBA programme learn evidence-based entrepreneurship in order to systematically understand and study what entrepreneurs do that leads to success or failure. They are then able to take these key learnings to apply to their own unique environment, leading to greater success as an entrepreneur.

International MBA: voted 10th best MBA for entrepreneurial leaders worldwide

best MBA for entrepreneurship

It is the combination of a focus on entrepreneurship, a 9 month part-time Entrepreneurial Leadership consultancy project, international learning trips and a highly diverse cohort that participants say make the 12 month, full-time International MBA from EMLYON Business School one of the best MBA’s for entrepreneurship worldwide. Participants of the programme can tailor their career objectives by specialising their MBA with a range of programme gateways, supported by EMLYON Careers Services as well as the EMLYON Forever 21,000 strong alumni network.

Discover the International MBA – one of the best MBA’s for entrepreneurship in the world

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