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MBA Gateways: Specialise in International Strategy

MBA Gateways: Specialise in International Strategy

Having completed their first semester of the International MBA, participants can choose to specialise their study in various ways in the second semester. These “gateways” to specialisation consist of three approaches to tailor the programme to career objectives:

  • Functional specialisation: Finance, Marketing or International Strategy
  • Contextual specialisation: Multinational Enterprises or New Ventures
  • Industry specialisation: Luxury Business or Life Sciences

Gateways are carefully selected by the International MBA programme to ensure participants have a solid basis of MBA-level knowledge, as well as reflect courses that are part of EMLYON’s DNA, for example the New Ventures gateway thanks to the school’s leading reputation for entrepreneurship. Gateways may vary year on year and are available subject to change based on class attendance and profiles of the International MBA participants.

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Specialise with the International Strategy gateway

For participants wishing to develop their knowledge or pursue a career in International Strategy, modules within the International Strategy gateway could include (but may be subject to change):

  • Implementing International Strategy gateway

This course addresses the creation of competitive advantage in large, complex, multinational firms. The module aims to provide participants with an understanding of the strategic, organisational and managerial challenges of implementing international strategies, particularly focusing on the social, cultural, political and regulatory environments in which companies enter and operate. These are often the variables and influences that delay or prevent the successful implementation of international strategy.

  • International Entrepreneurship gateway                                                                            

International Entrepreneurship concerns the intersection of International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy and focuses on two main areas: new venture internationalisation and comparisons of entrepreneurial ventures in different countries. The course examines the different processes and outcomes of the internationalisation of new ventures through readings, case study analysis and discussions with entrepreneurs who have taken this step with their organisations. The course will also provide comparative studies of the internationalisation of entrepreneurial ventures in different countries to understand the varied outcomes in different contexts.

  • Country Manager                                                           

This course portrays the opportunities and challenges of more open and integrated international markets for small and large companies, as well as for firms in traditional and high-tech industries and in many service businesses. The syllabus also helps you to design and implement marketing strategies to optimise your company’s market performance in the international arena.

  • Strategic Change Management elective course

This course teaches the necessary concepts and skills for the effective implementation of strategic change in firms, focusing on the human aspects of change. We believe strategic change relies heavily on the ability of managers to deal with individual and group behaviours that will ultimately determine the success or failure of the firm’s desired changes. However, it is paramount to link the management of human resources to the strategic issues facing the firm. This course therefore focuses on the interface between strategy and organisation.

  • Merger & Acquisitions elective course

The objectives of this course are to firstly understand the challenges that organisational members involved in mergers and acquisitions are confronted with, learn the tools to manage the complex social dynamics in post-merger and post-acquisition integration processes and to foster critical thinking.

Careers in International Strategy

Not only do participants of the International MBA gain a greater understanding of functional, contextual and industry specialisations through the gateways, this knowledge can lead to the successful attainment of participant’s career objectives upon graduation. For example recent International MBA graduate Claire Blackburn had worked as a Finance Consultant for Ernst & Young, one of the Big 4 Accountancy firms in the UK before embarking on the International MBA at EMLYON. Through a combination of strategic gateway courses, Claire developed her knowledge of International Strategy and is now employed as the International Business Developer for an internet start-up in France.

Claire says of the gateways: “Of the gateways I took, one really stands out: the Country Manager course. We used market data to conduct a country analysis allowing us to decide which countries to enter, when and the correct marketing mix. All of these aspects have come in useful for my current job. A case in point: in my role, I applied the country analysis theory from this gateway to the different factors important to our business. The result of this exercise helped me reach a more calculated decision of countries to enter.”

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The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

It is a strong focus on entrepreneurship, a year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisation that makes the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders, voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times, 2014.

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