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Engineer Uses MBA In France To Evolve Into Energy Entrepreneur

Engineer Uses MBA In France To Evolve Into Energy Entrepreneur

Article by Seb Murray, Business Because

Magesh Rengaswamy is studying a full-time, one-year MBA at EMLYON Business School, a leading European institute based in France.

An engineer by background, he spent former years working for various engineering firms, but is confident that many skills gleaned from a technical career can be transferred to business and management.

When he graduates, he wants to use his MBA to work in the energy sector. But longer-term, he is one of a growing number of business school students who want to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path – which is a key component of the EMLYON International MBA program.

You already had a successful career. Why did you decide to put your career on hold and begin an MBA?

I have five years’ experience in the energy industry, and even though my strong engineering background seemed promising for my future ambitions, I realized the importance of undergoing a formal business school education to strengthen my entrepreneurial skill-sets and to fast-track my professional career.

In order to build high-performance organizations in the future, I realized the importance of strengthening my capabilities in finance, marketing and strategic policies, to gain entrepreneurial knowledge in order to initiate and run business in different countries, with varied cultural backgrounds.

Has the transition from engineering to business and management been difficult?

Since I have considerable industry exposure, it’s quite easy to pick up topics related to operations management. On the other hand, I am currently focused more on areas like finance, marketing and strategic management.

But with eminent professors and interactive class sessions, the overall transition has proven to be enriching.

What made you choose EMLYON Business School?

EMLYON’s one-year International MBA program has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, with a nine-month-long Entrepreneurial Leadership Project.

Furthermore, there is an option to specialize in functions, or by industry, or by firm type. The small MBA cohort size, with diverse backgrounds, is also a key advantage.

And considering my past industry exposure, I prefered an intensive one-year MBA.

What is an average day at business school like?

Each course last an average of four to six days, with classes beginning at 8:30AM and finishing at 4:30PM. Depending on the course objective, we are subjected to team work, as well as interactive sessions and individual or group assignments, followed by presentations.

Nearly 40% of the time in class is spent by sharing experiences and opinions, through interactive discussions between professors and students.

Which aspects of the MBA have you found most valuable so far?

Working on the nine-month-long Entrepreneurial Leadership Project, dealing with a real company, is valuable.

Furthermore, sharing my own work experiences while learning from others is exceptionally enriching.

As part of the international business regulatory organizations course, we went on a one-day trip to Geneva [Switzerland] and visited the World Trade Organization’s headquarters, and the United Nations. We had a two-hour-long interactions with high-level WTO officials.

What career path do you hope to follow upon graduation, and how does an MBA fit into that?

Upon graduation, I will hold a commanding managerial position in a reputed energy firm, authorized to deal with commercial and technical aspects of project implementation.

In the long-term, I will build my own energy organizations that are capable of delivering quality services to customers. I consider an MBA to be right decision, to gain knowledge and develop networks, in order to fast-track my professional career.

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