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Interested in completing an MBA but want to develop future MBA career paths in the dynamic field of marketing? The International MBA from EMLYON Business School allows you to specialise your MBA in marketing with specific gateways and electives throughout the programme linked to your individual career objectives. The Marketing gateway gives you a deeper knowledge of marketing competencies critical to today’s changing workplace, with courses for the year 2014/2015 including Marketing of Innovation, Business to Business Marketing, Service Marketing, Global Luxury Brand Management and Luxury Strategy & Innovation.

Upon completion of the International MBA, you will not only be able to demonstrate MBA-level competencies to recruiters, but also specific marketing knowledge, coupled with relevant industry experience through the 9-month consultancy Entrepreneurial Leadership Project, giving you a competitive edge for your future MBA career in marketing.

Find out more about programme gateways – including Strategy, Finance, Life Sciences, Luxury, New Ventures and MNE’s.

MBA Career Paths: specialise your MBA in Marketing

If you would like to fine tune your knowledge of marketing and pursue high-level dynamic MBA career paths in this industry, modules within the Marketing gateway could include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Business-to-Business Marketing

An understanding of the process to effectively convert targeted business prospects into customers is a core skill in your marketing toolbox. The primary objective of this course is to enable those students with a keen interest in business-to-business marketing to be able to manage these relationships more effectively. The course encompasses key B2B marketing topics including multi-criteria decision marketing, segmentation, networking, B2B marketing research, the risk approach and conjoint analysis.

  • Marketing of Innovation

In today’s industry characterised by rapid innovation and disruption of existing marketing techniques, this course will give you an understanding of how to successfully market new products launched in established markets. Each session focuses on a different stage of the process of innovation, from the initial idea to the market and its growth. Specific themes include strategic perspectives on the management of innovation, managing the innovation flow and a consultancy approach of Innovation Management.

  • Service Marketing

Much of the world economy today is increasingly dominated by services and companies operating in various industries recognise the importance of service as a critical force for competitive advantage. Academic researchers also advocate the perspective that “all businesses are in fact service businesses.”  This courses teaches you how both service dominant firms and global manufacturers achieve significant competitive advantage through excellence in service quality for business growth and profitability.

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Apply your marketing knowledge to the luxury industry

The Marketing gateway may also include one mandatory luxury course, allowing students to apply their marketing knowledge to the luxury industry, an area which EMLYON Business School has specific knowledge competencies. Luxury courses for the year 2014/2015 include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Foundations of Luxury management                                                     

This course looks at the luxury industry from a sociological and historical perspective and gives an understanding of luxury’s role throughout society. Participants study the process of launching a Haute Couture brand or perfume company, as well as gain a strong understanding of the strategies to present a luxury brand to the consumer.

  • Luxury Consumer Behavior                                                        

This course is delivered by a range of professionals and industry experts from the luxury sector who present different topics related to luxury brands. For example, these may include logistics and supply chain management, history of perfumes, semiotic and communication in luxury.

  • Global Luxury Brand Management                                         

The course is built around the framework of brand identity and applies numerous concepts and theories of branding to the luxury sector. Specific topics may include symbolic meaning and brand personality, brand storytelling, the marketing mix, brand lifecycles, growth strategies (market penetration, market development and product development) and branding strategies (brand alliances, co-branding and licensing).

  • Luxury Strategy & Innovation   

The Luxury Strategy & Innovation course covers the theories and concepts of strategic brand management, strategic marketing and innovation management. It teaches participants to see the company – involved in luxury products and brands – as being inseparable from its environment as managers decide on actions that influence the long term success of the company as a whole.

#10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship

The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

It is a strong focus on entrepreneurship, a year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisations that makes the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders. Voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times 2014.

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