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MBA Career Paths: specialise your MBA in Finance

MBA Career Paths: specialise your MBA in Finance

Interested in completing an MBA but want to develop future MBA career paths in finance? Graduates of the International MBA from EMLYON have gone on to MBA career paths in finance with Accenture, ANZ Bank, Bank of Tokyo, Conde Naste, EY and KPMG among others.

The International MBA from EMLYON Business School allows you to specialise your MBA in finance with specific gateways and electives throughout the programme, preparing you for a management role in the finance sector. Finance gateway courses are more advanced in their analysis and depth, with the objective of building on your knowledge from the first semester, giving you the competencies to advance in today’s global financial sector characterised by constant change and innovation. Finance gateway courses for the year 2014/2015 include Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Financing Strategy and Corporate control, Entrepreneurial Finance, Cost for Decision, Performance Measurement and Global Capital Markets.

Upon completion of your specialised International MBA in Finance, you will not only be able to demonstrate a broad range of MBA-level competencies to recruiters, but also a deeper understanding of the financial implications affecting organisations. Coupled with relevant industry experience through the 9-month consultancy Entrepreneurial Leadership Project, and an understanding of different business models through learning trips and international exchange opportunities, you will be fully prepared to achieve your career objectives.

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MBA Career Paths: prepare for your global MBA career in finance

For participants wishing to develop their knowledge of finance or pursue MBA career paths in this complex international industry, modules within the Finance gateway could include, but may be subject to change year on year:MBA career paths

  • Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Financing Strategy and Corporate control                                         

The Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Financing Strategy and Corporate Control course investigates financial decisions and their implications on the value of a firm. The course consists of two core parts:  financing decisions in theory and in practice.

A focus on financing decisions in theory investigates how financial distress, different managerial incentives and information affects the financing decisions of firms. The course also covers payout policy decisions, investigating decisions about the cash that a firm generates in surplus of its needs. The practicalities of long and short term financing are discussed in order to understand financial decisions in practice. Long term financing refers to the way to effectively raise money, be it a common equity or a more sophisticated solution of the fixed income markets.

  • Entrepreneurial Finance                                                             

Entrepreneurial Finance contributes to EMLYON Business School’s mission to educate entrepreneurs for the world, with respect to a solid consideration of the finance perspective of a new venture. Participants will develop a deep knowledge of how entrepreneurs assess the financing requirements of their ventures and how they can solicit capital. The course also enhances the participant’s understanding of the investors backing the venture.

To validate the Finance gateway, participants must also complete two mandatory elective courses.  For the year 2014/2015, the following electives include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Cost for Decision                                                                                            

Successful decision-making depends on accurate cost and profit analysis. This firstly requires a careful study of existing cost analysis methods, secondly the construction of adequate cost information systems and thirdly the choice of an appropriate method according to the decision at hand. The Cost for Decision course investigates cost definition, absorption costing, variable costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, contribution approach and relevant costs for decision-making.

  • Performance Measurement                                                                      

This course presents how effective performance measurement systems help decision-makers manage their activities and achieve strategic objectives. Performance Measurement examines three core topics:

  • Financial performance measurement and how variances analysis can help monitor operational and strategic decisions
  • Non-financial performance measurement along the value chain using KPIs and performance scorecards
  • How performance measurement systems influence decision-makers behaviours and side-effects
  •  Global Capital Market

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of Global Capital Markets, with an emphasis on the market instruments used in these markets. Capital markets and their interrelationships play an important role in providing liquidity and opportunity for governments, individuals and businesses. This course gives participants an overview and hands-on experience with markets and their instruments. The syllabus presents and develops the concepts, methods and tools necessary to operate efficiently in these markets.

The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

It is a strong focus on entrepreneurship, a year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisations that makes the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders. Voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times 2014.

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