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MBA CAREER PATHS: start your MBA journey with a multinational enterprise

MBA CAREER PATHS: start your MBA journey with a multinational enterprise

Interested in MBA career paths with some of the world’s most successful multinational enterprises?  Graduates of EMLYON’s International MBA have reached senior management positions with global companies such as Accenture, Airbus, Bank of Tokyo, Conde Naste, Diageo, EY, Hewlett Packard, Sanofi and Volvo, among many others.

The International MBA‘s specialism in MNE’s from EMLYON provides you with a deeper understanding of how global multinationals continually adapt to changes in their industries and create new value propositions to meet customer needs. You can also demonstrate relevant MNE industry experience through the 9-month consultancy Entrepreneurial Leadership Project working within a large organisation, as well as understand different business models through learning trips and international exchange opportunities. Plus, the diversity of the MBA cohort; 29 nationalities in the 2013/2014 cohort gives you an awareness of a broad range of cultural differences when operating across borders; crucial to the success of multinational organisations.

MBA career paths: EMLYON MBA graduates join Accenture, Airbus, EY, HP, Sanofi, Volvo & more

EMLYON Business School benefits from strong relationships with multinational enterprises such as Accenture, Airbus, Bank of Tokyo, Conde Naste, Diageo, EY, Hewlett Packard, Sanofi and Volvo. These industry connections provide MBA students with first-hand business knowledge through Expert Panels, Company Visits & MBA Lounges, as well as provide graduates with a range of international career opportunities. Find out more about EMLYON’s Careers Services here.

Plus, MBA career paths vary across a range of job roles and industries. According to a survey of EMLYON MBA graduates, MBA positions included General Management 29%,  Sales 15%, Consultancy 12%, IT 10%, Marketing 10%, Finance 8%, R&D 3% and other 13%, in industries ranging from healthcare, industrial, IT, construction, financial services, management consulting, public sector, consumer products, energy, travel, entertainment and online.

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The International MBA from EMLYON also allows you to specialise your MBA in New Ventures, Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Luxury and Life Sciences – discover all MBA Programme gateways

MBA career paths: specialise in Multinational Enterprise

For participants wishing to jump start MBA career paths with international organisations, modules of the Multi-National Enterprise gateway could include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Antitrust and its Key Issues        

The aim of the Antitrust and its key issues course is to enable participants to understand the impact of the E.U. competition policy upon international management, procedures and decision making. When working internationally, EU managers must understand both the US and EU models of competition policy worldwide. They must also have an awareness of the legal consequences of their decisions for their company as well as for themselves, and understand the changing legal framework.

Participants of this course will learn the key antitrust issues that firms face, including commercial policy, distribution networks, and mergers and acquisitions. They will study how to avoid cartels, how to defend their firm, how to organize distribution networks compatible with competition law, how to manage merger and take-over procedures and more.

  • Business to Business Marketing                              

An understanding of the process to effectively convert targeted business prospects into customers is a core skill in your marketing toolbox. The primary objective of this course is to enable those students with a keen interest in business-to-business marketing to be able to manage these relationships, or enable their clients to manage these relationships, more effectively. The course encompasses key B2B marketing topics including multi-criteria decision marketing, segmentation, networking, B2B marketing research, the risk approach and conjoint analysis.

  • Implementing International Strategy                                                    

This course addresses the creation of competitive advantage in large, complex, multinational firms. The module aims to provide participants with an understanding of the strategic, organisational and managerial challenges of implementing international strategies, particularly focusing on the social, cultural, political and regulatory environments in which companies enter and operate. These are often the variables and influences that delay or prevent the successful implementation of international strategy.

  • Multi-National Enterprise Financing Strategy and Corporate Control     

The Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Financing Strategy and Corporate Control course investigates financial decisions and their implications on the value of a firm. The course consists of two core parts:  financing decisions in theory and in practice.

A focus on financing decisions in theory investigates how financial distress, different managerial incentives and information affects the financing decisions of firms. The course also covers payout policy decisions, investigating decisions about the cash that a firm generates in surplus of its needs. The practicalities of long and short term financing are discussed in order to understand financial decisions in practice. Long term financing refers to the way to effectively raise money, be it a common equity or a more sophisticated solution of the fixed income markets.

The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

It is a strong focus on entrepreneurship, a year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisations that makes the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders. Voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times 2014.

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