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Why you should study abroad – MBA Exchange Programme

Why you should study abroad – MBA Exchange Programme

The International MBA from EMLYON Business School offers students the opportunity to study abroad with an MBA Exchange with one of its esteemed international partner institutions. Tomorrow’s business leaders need a strong awareness of how business is conducted around the world as well as how to navigate diverse cultural characteristics in order to successfully operate across borders. And there is no better way to learn how another culture operates than to study, work and live within that country.

The MBA Exchange Programme enhances your understanding of global business, immersing you in a new culture, exposing you to new business models and leadership styles as well as building your international network with students, professors and organisations from all around the world. Through carefully selecting prestigious study abroad partner institutions such as Nanyang, IAE and FIA Business School, you have the opportunity to learn about the business ways of China, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Brazil, Hungary and more. This adds value to your MBA program at EMLYON Business School. Find out more about Partner Institutions here.

MBA Exchange: why you should study abroad

Enhance your career prospects

The international experience you gain will make you more attractive to companies eager to hire graduates who are flexible, multilingual, and comfortable in multicultural settings. The Top MBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2014-2015 found that 67% of MBA employers sought international study experience from new hires. Recruiters strongly agree that screening for language skills and inter-cultural communication skills is an important part of the hiring process, and that candidates with international experience outperform those without. An individual’s ability to adapt to different norms and customs is increasing required by global organisations competing in rapidly changing environments.

In applying for the MBA Exchange Programme, EMLYON Business School support all candidates to ensure that the partner institution is in line with their individual career objectives to ensure their study abroad MBA exchange will have the biggest impact.

Build your professional network

Through studying with a diverse group of MBA students from all over the world, you have the unique opportunity to develop your professional network on an international scale. Plus, if you are interested in taking the next step in your career in the destination country such as China, the US, Brazil or the UK, the MBA exchange experience will enable you to meet local recruiters for future job opportunities.

MBA exchange

Develop your resilience, cultural awareness and experience personal growth

By taking on the exciting challenge of an MBA Exchange Programme, you will grow in confidence and self-reliance when learning to navigate and operate within a new business culture; invaluable for your future international career.  Plus it’s a unique opportunity to learn more about another country’s language, history and cultural characteristics.

Develop your multi-cultural leadership skills

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to experience and understanding different leadership styles and business models. This cultural awareness will make it easier for you to form partnerships with professionals from diverse cultures; a critical skills if you are to be successful when working across borders or in a multinational organisation.

What do EMLYON graduates say about their MBA Exchange?

MBA exchangeAgnes Nagy, International MBA graduate class of 2011-2012 said of her MBA Exchange to Cheung Kong Graduate Business School: Participating in an MBA exchange programme at CKGSB in China was an excellent way to conclude my international learning experience in the International MBA. The exposure to the Chinese culture gave me insight into a different education style and the Asian business environment. I am convinced that this experience will continue to yield benefits for my career for years to come. I definitely recommend taking part in an exchange to new MBA participants!”

MBA exchangeKumar Samanvaya, International MBA graduate 2012-2013 said of his MBA exchange programme to Nanyang Business School in Singapore: “My aim to study at Nanyang was to gain an understanding of Asian management trends and I am happy to say that it has been achieved. The instructors were impressive and the course material was great. The diversified profile of my classmates further enhanced my learning; it was a great social, cultural and intellectual exchange. Participating in the various extracurricular activities and talks really helped me to think beyond just management.

MBA Exchange: study, live and work with professionals around the globe!

The International Master of Business Administration from EMLYON Business School promotes an international approach to learning from day one. Its highly diverse cohort is a key benefit of the programme, with the 2013/2014 cohort representing 15 different nationalities from China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, UK, USA and Vietnam. Current cohort Bozhidar Draganov says of this diversity:

MBA exchange“We tend to take it for granted that we are able to communicate with such a diverse set of people in our MBA cohort but every once in a while, I realise how rare and valuable that is – to obtain first-hand feedback on the business ways of Asia, Africa, or the local trends within any other country as experienced by people who have lived and worked all over the planet.”

Plus each year the cohort enjoy a number of Learning Trips to discover the business model and management styles of other countries – read more about the MBA cohort’s learning trip to Finland!

Discover more about the EMLYON International MBA Exchange Programme

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