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Interested in MBA career paths within a luxury business? With career opportunities in a vast range of different markets, the dynamic, international luxury industry spans from fashion and haute couture, jewellery, watches, luxury travel and tourism, premium spirits and wines, to gastronomy, hotels, private jets, yachts and much more. The MBA specialisation in Luxury Management provides you with an understanding of the history of the luxury industry, the unique consumer behaviour traits within this sector, as well as the implications of brand management, strategy and innovation to prepare your MBA career paths within a luxury organisation. EMLYON Business School benefits from specialist expertise in luxury, thanks to its luxury master’s programme – the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, delivered in association with London College of Fashion, as well as the Global MBA in Luxury Business Management, a double degree co-taught by EMLYON’s Asian Campus in Shanghai and Zhejiang University, focusing on developing the future leaders in Chinese luxury management.

Upon completion of your specialised International MBA in Luxury, you will not only be able to demonstrate a broad range of MBA-level competencies to recruiters, but also a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within today’s luxury industry. Luxury gateway courses for the year 2014/2015 include (but may be subject to change year on year): Foundations of Luxury, Luxury Consumer Behaviour, Global Luxury Brand Management and Luxury Strategy and Innovation. You can also demonstrate relevant luxury industry experience through tailoring your 9-month Entrepreneurial Leadership Project to a consultancy role within a luxury business, subject to the availability of projects, as well as understand different business models through learning trips and international exchange opportunities.

MBA career pathsInternational MBA alumni Claire Blackburn, class of 2013/2014 said of the Luxury gateway: “I really enjoyed the luxury seminars…they provided great business insights and an opportunity to interact with two very successful outside speakers. We met people who are very passionate about their industries, their brands and the roles they play.”  See  Claire’s experience here.

MBA career pathsInternational MBA alumni Ana Garcia Barrera, class of 2013/2014 chose EMLYON Business School for the opportunity to specialise her MBA in Luxury Management. “I was very fortunate to work on a Customer Experience Management project for Roger Dubuis, the Swiss luxury watch and jewelers brand…This Entrepreneurial Leadership Project was an opportunity to show companies that I already have the ‘know how’ and the experience of working for a luxury brand, because certain rules and strategies apply very differently in the luxury industry.”  Hear Ana’s story here.

MBA Career Paths: Luxury gateway modules

For participants wishing to jump start their MBA career paths within a luxury organisation, modules of the Luxury gateway could include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Foundations of Luxury

The Foundations of Luxury course aims to provide students with a good understanding of the origins of luxury, including where the luxury industry started, how it has evolved over history and what luxury means today. The course also aims to provide students with a deep knowledge of the history of “haute couture”, meaning “ultra-luxury fashion. »

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After taking the Foundations of Luxury course, participants will develop their skills and knowledge to work for any luxury brand or run a luxury business, therefore contributing significantly to the profitability of their brand.

  • Luxury Consumer Behaviour

The process of purchasing a luxury product involves highly unique consumer behaviour, requiring an understanding of the different factors which impact this purchase decision. Participants of the Luxury Consumer Behaviour will learn how to launch a new luxury brand, as well how to manage an organisation’s existing portfolio of luxury brands within this industry.

  • Global Luxury Brand Management

Participants of the Global Luxury Brand Management course will study all of the factors relating to the branding and brand management of luxury companies.

MBA career paths

  • Luxury Strategy and Innovation

The Luxury Strategy and Innovation course aims to provide its participants with a very good understanding of the business of luxury companies as well as how major innovations have shaped this fascinating industry. 

The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

Graduates of the International MBA say it’s the strong focus on entrepreneurship, year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisations that make the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders. Voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times 2014.

Discover the International MBA

The International Master in Business Administration from EMLYON offers specialisations by Firm Type (MNE’s or New Ventures), Function (Finance, Strategy, Marketing) and Industry (Luxury or Life Science).

Discover more about International MBA programme gateways

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