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MBA student Elie: “the biggest learning is how to interact with clients & project yourself professionally”

MBA student Elie: “the biggest learning is how to interact with clients & project yourself professionally”

Meet MBA student Elie Hayek, originally from Lebanon, who is working on an innovative Entrepreneurial Leadership Project in connected objects. Elie chose this project as a career stepping stone, as he aims to build on his background in engineering to develop his career in management of IT and technology after the MBA, as well as to develop his knowledge of the exciting new connected objects sector.

The International MBA one-year MBA programme from EMLYON Business School features a 9 month part-time consulting Entrepreneurial Leadership Project. MBA students say the benefit of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project is the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learnt during the programme to a real-life business issue and make long-term strategic recommendations. MBA students select the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project that will have the biggest impact on their future MBA career, whether that is gaining experience in a specific industry or company type, or developing a particular competence.

Meet EMLYON MBA student Elie…

Elie, could you tell us more about your Entrepreneurial Leadership Project?

Elie HayekMy Entrepreneurial Leadership Project is related to the emerging market of connected objects, also known as internet of things (IoT). Connected objects will transform many industries and the way that individuals interact with their surroundings. Recent statistics carried out in the US show that there are currently on average 9 connected devices per household; in five years, the average is estimated to be 22! Lots of companies from various industries are preparing to take part in this new market with huge profit expectations.

My role as an MBA student in the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project is to identify this market potential for a specific segment through researching trends and customer needs, and performing a competitive analysis. I am also undertaking an internal capability analysis for the company, providing recommendations of how they should address this new challenge and what modifications to their business model it will require.

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What was it about the project or company that particularly interested you?

What interested me in the beginning was the well-reputed multinational company profile. The topic was also so new and entrepreneurial. Moreover it was appealing to me to have the opportunity to be part of a project that combines technology with the business world. The project is a real example of how large companies innovate and evolve to satisfy market needs and how they address challenges to diversify and secure their market leadership.

What are your career objectives and how does this project fit with those?

I have an engineering background and experience in IT infrastructure. My career objective is to leverage my technical background and business acumen acquired from the MBA in order to land a job in the business world of IT and technology. The Entrepreneurial Leadership Project was a perfect match for my objectives since the project scope is directly related to trends in technology. Furthermore, during the project I had the opportunity to get to know more about business development and consultancy in this field, which is my main aim for a career after the MBA.

How have you developed your skills during the project so far?

The most important difference between doing an MBA or masters is that an MBA degree is more focused on practical business learnings from various field (finance, strategy, marketing…). It is evident that the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project is a tool for us to deepen our skills when faced with a contemporary business challenge. These are not only hard skills, but also interpersonal skills like team work, leadership, and most importantly people skills. Furthermore, by choosing the right project you will have the opportunity to interact with people from your prospective industries of choice, hence you can gather insight into the key required values to be successful in those industries. Moreover it add European experience to your profile as an MBA student in the consulting industry.

What has been the biggest learning from the experience?

I would say how to interact with clients and project yourself professionally as a consultant is the biggest learning of the project so far. Now I have a much better understanding of what the main objectives of a consultant are, their challenges, and what tasks are required of them. I have also gained deeper knowledge of the market of connected objects that will be of great value to my personal expertise for my future job search.

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