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MBA student Miguel: “the company trusted us to develop their 5 year commercial strategy”

MBA student Miguel: “the company trusted us to develop their 5 year commercial strategy”

Miguel Ramirez Romero, current International MBA student from EMLYON, originally from Colombia, is consulting a leading Canadian company on how to increase their market share throughout Europe for his MBA Entrepreneurial Leadership Project. Working with a diverse international team, Miguel created the company’s 5 year commercial strategy to help the organisation to achieve their ambitions.

We caught up with MBA student Miguel to tell us more about his Entrepreneurial Leadership Project, how the project is moving him closer to his career ambitions and how learning how to influence a diverse team was the most valuable take-away from his consultancy experience.

Miguel, could you share your MBA student Entrepreneurial Leadership Project?

MBA studentMy Entrepreneurial Leadership Project involved developing a commercial strategy for a Canadian company to penetrate the European market. The organisation produce and sell controllers for automatic regulation of air conditioning and lights. They already have a presence in Europe, especially in France but with a small market share. The idea of this project was to make key recommendations to achieve an ambitious business plan over the next five years.

What was it about the project or company that particularly interested you?

I was really interested in the different consumer behaviour throughout the European market. Before working on this Entrepreneurial Leadership Project as an MBA student, I could have never imagined how consumer behaviour between different European countries could be so diverse, and that it’s almost impossible to play globally in this kind of market. Also, it was pretty interesting that the company gave us so much support and trust to develop their commercial strategy for the next five years. It wasn’t just another academic project!

What are your career objectives and how does this project fit with those?

My background is in industrial engineering working in planning and purchasing, so I wanted to bring all my business acumen to a B2B environment, especially in sales or marketing. This project fits perfectly with my career ambitions because I got experience in sales and strategy that I can use in the future. This project has helped me to see the business from the other side, not just from the buyer’s perspective. In other words, this MBA student project has given me complementary experience in the B2B environment.

How have you developed your skills/industry experience during the project so far?

I think that the most valuable skill that I have developed through the project is teamwork. Working with people from different nationalities with different backgrounds and mindsets has helped me to build an interesting perception in business. Every meeting, I learned a lot from the other team members and the company staff. As a result of this project, I was able to view the business with a strategic mindset and apply all of the concepts that I had learnt as an MBA student. Also, this project was in a market that I hadn’t had any contact with before, which challenged me to learn about the market quickly in order to move the project forward.

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What has been the biggest learning from the experience?

The biggest learning came from how to influence a diverse team to follow a certain direction. Furthermore, I learned a lot about change management, strategy and sales in a B2B environment. Also, by operating as a consultant, I gained important experience of seeing a problem in a different way and being able to come up with out of the box solutions.

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