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Lyon, France’s thriving economic activity revolves around competitive industry clusters in biotech and cleantech. With one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industries in the world, Lyon is home to major French health industry groups such as Biomérieux, Merial, Roche, Inserm, EUSA Pharma, Sanofi Pasteur, L’Oréal Episkin and Olympus Biotechnology. Participants of the International MBA interested in specialised MBA career paths in the Life Sciences industry will capitalise on the competitive cluster “Lyon Biopôle”, a world centre of excellence in biotechnologies such as infectious diseases and immunology, vaccines, diagnostics, oncology and neurology.

Many of EMLYON’s International Master of Business Administration graduates go on to work in senior management roles in the Life Sciences industry. MBA career paths for EMLYON MBA graduates include Marketing Manager for Pfizer, Sales Director for Novartis Pharma, Communication Director of Bristol Myers Squibb, CEO of Becton Dickinson and Marketing Director for Sanofi. Participants of the Life Sciences gateway will have access to the alumni network working in the Life Sciences industry for information, networking and future career opportunities, with 22% of respondents to an International MBA career survey receiving their job offer from the EMLYON Forever alumni network.

Upon completion of your specialised International MBA program in Life Sciences, you will not only be able to demonstrate a broad range of MBA-level competencies to recruiters, but also a deeper understanding of the financial, marketing, legal and technological implications of management within the Life Sciences industry. Life Sciences gateway courses for the year 2014/2015 include (but may be subject to change year on year): Business to Business Marketing, Perspectives in Life Sciences & Health Systems Evolution, as well as the choice between Entrepreneurial Finance or Intellectual Property Law at the International Level. You can also demonstrate relevant experience in the Life Sciences industry through tailoring your 9-month Entrepreneurial Leadership Project to a consultancy role within a Life Sciences business, subject to the availability of projects, as well as understanding of different business models through learning trips and international exchange opportunities.

MBA Career Paths: specialise your MBA in Life Sciences

For participants wishing to begin MBA career paths with a Life Sciences organisation, modules of the Life Sciences gateway could include, but may be subject to change year on year:

  • Business to Business Marketing

An understanding of the process to effectively convert targeted business prospects into customers is a core skill in your marketing toolbox. The primary objective of this course is to enable those students with a keen interest in Business-to-Business Marketing to be able to manage these relationships more effectively. The course encompasses key B2B marketing topics including multi-criteria decision marketing, segmentation, networking, B2B marketing research, the risk approach and conjoint analysis.

MBA career paths

  • Perspectives in Life Sciences & Health Systems’ Evolution

Students of the Perspectives in Life Sciences & Health Systems’ Evolution course will study the key concepts underpinning innovation management in general and disruptive innovation, specifically:

  • Issues regarding the present and future of health systems, impacted by scientific, economic, political, ethical and social evolution
  • The specifics of adoption, implementation and diffusion of innovation in healthcare and health systems
  • The new possibilities offered by Big Data analysis in order to improve the diffusion of innovation
  • A choice of either Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance contributes to EMLYON Business School’s mission to educate entrepreneurs for the world, with respect to a solid consideration of the finance perspective of a new venture. Participants will develop a deep knowledge of how entrepreneurs assess the financing requirements of their ventures and how they can solicit capital. The course also enhances the participant’s understanding of the investors backing the venture.

  • Or Intellectual Property Law at the International Level

When working internationally, managers must be aware of the opportunities and risks linked to Industrial Property Rights. The objective of the Intellectual Property Law course is to enable participants to understand Industrial Property Rights issues in the different industries as well as in services. It also ensures that participants of the course will become pro-active managers in the development and the protection of their firm’s brand as well as their innovative creations.

The right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders

Graduates of the International Masters in Business Administration say it’s the strong focus on entrepreneurship, year-long consulting project, the large diversity in student body and faculty and learning specialisations that make the International MBA from EMLYON Business School the right MBA for entrepreneurial leaders. Voted #10 MBA worldwide for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times 2014.

The International MBA from EMLYON offers specialisations by Firm Type (MNE’s or New Ventures), Function (Finance, Strategy, Marketing) and Industry (Luxury or Life Science).

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