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MBA Specializations: tailor your MBA to your dream career

MBA Specializations: tailor your MBA to your dream career

Interested in a specific career path, but want the advantages of a high-level MBA qualification? Take advantage of EMLYON’s International MBA specialization in Finance, Strategy, Marketing, New Ventures, MNE’s, Luxury & Life Sciences to achieve your career dreams!

When choosing an MBA specialization, you will remain with your cohort, taking advantage of this small but highly diverse learning environment, whilst at the same time benefiting from the expertise, resources, research and industry connections of EMLYON Business School in your chosen MBA specialization. For example, MBA participants interested in an entrepreneurial career path can take advantage of EMLYON’s leading European reputation for educating entrepreneurs for the world. Similarly, an MBA student interested in pursuing a Life Sciences career can benefit from EMLYON’s ideal location in Lyon, France; one of the most advanced pharmaceutical industries in the world.

Which MBA Specializations are available to you?

Functional MBA specializations: Marketing, Finance or Strategy

By specializing your MBA in Marketing, Finance or Strategy, you will not only be able to demonstrate a broad range of MBA-level competencies to recruiters, but also a deeper understanding of how Marketing, Financial or Strategic factors affect organisations. With an “International MBA with a major in…” qualification, you will stand out from other talented MBA graduates when applying for high level roles in these MBA specializations through demonstrating your advanced knowledge of the function.

MBA specializations

Finance, Marketing or Strategy MBA specialization courses are more advanced in their analysis and depth, with the objective of building on your MBA knowledge from the first semester. Through this MBA specialization, you will gain the competencies to advance in today’s global industries characterised by constant change and innovation.

Firm Type MBA specializations: New Ventures or Multi-National Enterprises

The New Ventures MBA specialization is truly part of EMLYON’s DNA. With the Business School’s heritage of educating entrepreneurs for over 140 years, EMLYON’s International Master of Business Administration programme was voted #10 worldwide for entrepreneurship by the FT in 2014. Led by Professor of Entrepreneurship Rickie Moore, participants of the New Ventures specialization take courses such Entrepreneurial Finance, International Entrepreneurship and Marketing of Innovation, as well as have the opportunity to create their own virtual company to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.

MBA specializations

The Multi-National Enterprises MBA specialization teaches participants the latest practices of how global organisations deliver ongoing competitive advantage and adapt to challenges in their industries. Graduates of the International MBA from EMLYON go on to start successful MBA career paths with global MNE’s such as Accenture, Airbus, Bank of Tokyo, Conde Naste, Diageo, EY, Hewlett Packard, Sanofi and Volvo,

Industry MBA specializations: Luxury Business or Life Sciences

The MBA specialization in Luxury Management provides you with an understanding of the history of the luxury industry, the unique consumer behaviour traits within this sector, as well as the implications of brand management, strategy and innovation to prepare graduates for MBA career paths within a luxury organisation. Students that choose the MBA specialized in Luxury Management benefit from EMLYON Business School’s specialist expertise in luxury thanks to its luxury master’s programme – the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, delivered in association with London College of Fashion, as well as the Global MBA in Luxury Business Management, a double degree co-taught by EMLYON’s Asian Campus in Shanghai and Zhejiang University, focusing on developing the future leaders in Chinese luxury management.

MBA specializations

Similarly in the Life Sciences MBA specialization, EMLYON’s location in Lyon, France benefits from strong local industry infrastructure in bio-tech and nano-tech industries, home to major French health industry groups such as Biomérieux, Merial, Roche, Inserm, EUSA Pharma, Sanofi Pasteur, L’Oréal Episkin and Olympus Biotechnology. MBA career paths for International MBA graduates with a major in Life Sciences have included Marketing Manager for Pfizer, Sales Director for Novartis Pharma, Communication Director of Bristol Myers Squibb, CEO of Becton Dickinson and Marketing Director for Sanofi.

Please note, all MBA specializations offered are available subject to attendance and availability.

How does EMLYON’s Career Service help you achieve your career goals?

Alongside a range of corporate events and expert panels, workshops and online tools, the MBA Careers Services at EMLYON also provide an Individual Coaching Mentorship Programme, selected according to your career prospects and MBA specializations. For example, Daniela Bercek from the 2014 cohort said of her coaching experience: “My mentor was an icon in sports. I was one the luckiest people because my passion/previous career helped me connect with him since the first day. He was available, he listened to my past stories, reasons behind my decisions and choices, and he was always understanding and tried to get me think deeper about everything we discussed. It definitely helped me to have someone so accomplished in both his professional life and sports life. My year without his presence in the programme would not be the same.”

MBA specializations

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