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Prashanta Guha Student Interview

Prashanta Guha Student Interview

Prashanta Guha

Age: 27

Nationality: Indian

Years of Professional Experience: Three

Position before the MBA: Functional Consultant at Tata Technologies Ltd. (India)


  • Why did you choose to join the International MBA at emlyon business school?

Apart from my personal motivation to study and stay in France, what attracted me most to the program at emlyon business school was its cohort size and diversity and the focus on entrepreneurship. Not a lot of MBAs can boast of such a program, in such an attractive location in Europe.

  • How is the program incorporating academic learning with practical experience? 

I would say my expectations have been completely met. Modules like the ELP, the Integrative Seminar and the learning trip to Finland have provided hands on experience to apply everything learnt in class to real organisations having real problems. For example, Club Med presented its case to our cohort and we all worked, in groups, towards analyzing the firm’s current strategy. We were able to put into use models and frameworks from all our core subjects and integrate them to suggest a way forward, which was presented to employees of the firm, under the supervision of our faculty.

  • How is the diversity of the class contributing to the learning experience?

Pretty much, and it is one of the key differentiating elements. We learn as much, if not more, outside the class as we do during our lectures. Just meeting with wonderful colleagues from 24 different nationalities has an influence on our viewpoints and way of thinking.

  • What are your thoughts about the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project and how is it contributing to your experience? 

The ELP is a live project we work on, giving us exposure to various industries and gives us a feel of how the work life is going to be in an international, multicultural context. The concept is really exciting and challenging on all levels. Not only do we have to synchronize calendars between the full time and the executive MBAs, but also manage expectations of our firm (in this case, a young luxury watchmaker in Geneva) and work towards solving their problems with limited and/or unavailable data. However, the exposure gained during the process is immense and has led to my personal development in terms of working in groups.

  • What was an interesting hands-on experience during the learning trip to Finland? 

The Aalto Design Factory experience. It was the most fun and informative 48 hours of my life yet. Renowned for its innovative solutions to the world’s problems, the Design factory tasked our cohort to create a sustainable solution to one of the major problems the world is facing today. We were provided any and all resources available at the factory to come up with a preliminary design. The exercise served as a workshop on crisis management and sustainability, yet with a dash of having fun.


  • What are your career goals after the MBA and how is the program helping you achieve them?

I plan on entering into the consulting industry, or alternatively the FMCG / automobile industry. The Career Services team at emlyon business school is really dedicated in helping us in every way possible. The « Career Tuesdays » dedicated to workshops and events was something I really liked.

  • How are you finding living and studying in Lyon?

Lyon has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, learning, fun and tons of experience. It is small compared to, say Paris, but has all the charm of a French city and more. I, personally, did not face any major cultural shocks, and was grateful to have supportive friends, both French and international. Since this is my first time actually living abroad, I hold my last year in Lyon very close to my heart and will cherish this forever.

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