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After EMLYON MBA, Merchant Navy Officer Sets Sail For Onshore Career In Shipbroking

After EMLYON MBA, Merchant Navy Officer Sets Sail For Onshore Career In Shipbroking

Daniel Bronsart is among the 81% of emlyon business school MBA grads employed less than six months after graduation

Sea sickness, fires and close shaves with pirates off the cost of Nigeria; Daniel Bronsart spent over a decade in the French merchant navy before an MBA at emlyon business school.

Determined to take his career in shipping to dry land, he’s made the career shift into shipbroking starting a new role in August this year.

He’s not alone. 81% of emlyon business school MBA graduates find roles less than 6 months after graduation, with an average salary increase of 69%.

And Daniel puts great emphasis on the school’s personalized careers service which helped facilitate his transition, and which offers modules on networking, CV design, interview preparation, salary negotiation and introspective thought.


  • Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at EMLYON?

After having spent several years at sea, it became hard to leave my family behind. As soon as my first child was born, I explored possibilities to re-orientate my career towards a shore-based position.

Doing an MBA would give me the business insight I lacked and legitimize the career shift I was looking for. And the emlyon business school MBA is the perfect program for people like me; around 30 years old and looking for a full-time course with a diverse cohort and a good quality to cost ratio.


  • How have you profited from the careers service at emlyon business school?

It’s one of the greatest assets of the MBA. I came with the objective of getting the proper tools to achieve my professional transition and I feel legitimate in that project now.

I particularly appreciated the guidance we received on job research methodologies, introspective thought and the support of counsellors, advisors and alumni mentors for each of us.

We also had the opportunity to attend presentations of renowned professionals on topics such as: how to land a job in consulting industry, preparing for interviews, and adopting proper business etiquette.


  • What else stands out from your MBA experience?

The diversity of the cohort: in my class there were 42 students of more than 20 nationalities, and from various backgrounds including finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, sales, marketing, IT and the US Navy.

In group work you come across different ways of thinking, learn from and adapt to others; things which will be key in a corporate environment.


  • What stands out from your experience in the merchant navy?

As spicy seaman’s experience, I would mention the day we refused a night shift over an oil field in Nigeria which then suffered a pirate attack the next morning. That was a close one!


  • How has your career in the merchant navy prepared you for a career in business?

Life and work at sea is particular; you have to be autonomous and adaptable in the middle of the ocean, dealing with a fires onboard or providing healthcare to crewmembers.

Such skills are very useful in getting and adapting to new management positions in a company.


  • What makes Lyon an attractive destination for MBAs?

Compared to other cities, the quality of life in Lyon is high. The city is well-served by public transport, there are great recruitment events, international associations which bring foreign students together and the surrounding countryside is beautiful place to share moments with your classmates. We had picnics and went skiing in the Alps. Lyon is also a capital of gastronomy. After working long hours, to have a qualitative (and quantitative) break in a Lyon restaurant is important!

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