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Learning trip to Geneva !

Learning trip to Geneva !

In January, the International MBA participants had the unique opportunity to go on a learning trip to Geneva as part of their International Business and Regulatory Body Course to visit international organizations. Accompanied by MBA exchange students from the University of Connecticut, the participants enjoyed two days exploring a city comprised of organizations that are advancing international relations and global commerce in today’s disruptive business environment.


Mba_LearningTrip_Geneva“For our International Business and Regulatory Body course, we had the opportunity to go to Geneva, home of many international organizations. We had the privilege to visit headquarter of World Trade Organization. As a group, we visited one of the main meeting rooms where diplomats from all over the world negotiate trade related issues. We were presented with valuable information about the WTO, such as the history, the structure, the function, and some examples of how they resolve issues. Sitting in the actual seats of the diplomats really made it easy to imagine the diplomats in action. It sparked interests in our group for the type of work WTO does, but more importantly, we realized how these international organizations could affect our work in the future, regardless what we do. It was very rewarding!” Ao Echo Zhang, Canada


“Imagine… the feeling of walking through the front doors, hearing the sound of your own path in the corridors, the echo of your voice in the galleries, looking at raw materials from all over the world shaping a place where our future is debated, visiting prestigious rooms preserved in their initial state as they were designed more than 65 years ago by the founding fathers of an ideal of peace. This is the spirit of the United Nations…

From an intensive visit of its building to a well appreciated meal among its staff… imagination tricks you again; one neighbour might have negotiated a UN peace treaty in Syria, another had to deal with political elections in Egypt…A short visit enlightening the power of our imagination! ” Maxime Sanson, France


Mba_Learningtrip_Geneva« The Geneva trip had been an excellent addition to my MBA experience. It helped highlight and reiterate the important roles geopolitics, history, and culture play in doing business in such a globalized world. Our class was very lucky to be able to visit the WTO, where we had a tailored session on its inception and role in global trade. It was perfectly followed up with group work and case studies which used our newly gained knowledge and challenged our understanding of international law, sanctions, and agreements. overall, a learning trip rich in its offerings! » Maha Al-Khater, Qatar

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