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Learning Trip To Finland

Learning Trip To Finland

Photograph by: George Atanassov

The learning trip to Finland is part of the Entrepreneur course and the Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) class. Professor Rickie Moore, who runs the courses on entrepreneurship, is the master of this trip since he’s been managing it now for several years and trust me, he took very good care of us. Thanks to him, the accommodation and the restaurants were super.

Rickie is teaching a difficult topic and the reason why he organizes every year a one week trip to Finland is to challenge his class. He wants the students to unlearn what they already know and question their belief system. Entrepreneurship is about being able to question yourself and reshape your fundamentals into something new.

Within this week, there will be 2 different approaches.

The first one at Oulu University, where we met a whole new environment, teachers and students with different professional ways of thinking. The second, Aalto University, is the Design Factory.

This year, we were asked to describe the concept of a « Robotic restaurant ». There is no limit whatsoever in terms of presentation. We were free to do whatever we wanted to do as long as the objective is respected. It is much more harder than we thought. It reflects what entrepreneurship is: a long journey, where everything is possible and unpredictable.

Regarding the CSR class, we had the chance to visit Nokia factory. The Finns are very proud of Nokia. It’s like the gastronomy for the French, it’s a national pride. This visit showed us how a world company company failed due to a lack of innovation, rebounced on a the market to maintain itself while having a positive impact of the society. You truly need to see it for yourself.




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