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First Week of Class

First Week of Class

The International MBA class of 2017 – 2018 has just completed their first week in the program. The 38 participants from 20 nationalities were thrown into the deep end with a hands-on initiation day to give them the opportunity not only to get to know each other, but also the French culture, as the event was held in a French vineyard in the Beaujolais region. The week was then filled with a bootcamp of business games to introduce them to business strategies and give them a taste of what they will be learning throughout the year. Some current participants shared their thoughts.

Sarah SHAKOUR – United States


What I loved about initiation day was rather than immediately jump into classes, we were given the opportunity to meet the cohort in a casual setting and get to know more about each other and what brought each of us to emlyon. We were given a task to solve a mystery case in groups. This was an entertaining way to work closely with people that I only met hours before and come together to solve a case. We all brought in our own knowledge, thinking and experience, and it paved the way on how the International MBA program structures its courses around group projects.

The rest of the week, we participated in a group strategy boot camp. We were given a business where we all started on the same page, but it was how we strategized where our business was going for the next five years. Everyone from the cohort has a story that comes with experience. My group in particular represented three continents, and five different sectors – marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, supply chain and business development. We took our prior working knowledge and implemented them into our business strategy. We respected everyone’s opinion, came together to make decisions, and spent every break and lunch discussing our strategy. It really got us thinking 24/7 and brought my team together immediately!

If week one is indicative of what the school year will bring then I cannot wait to see what else I will learn and who I will work with. I am so happy about my decision to attend emlyon business school and be part of the International MBA program!



Barabara Sanchez – Brazil

On the very first day we were able to socialize and have fun on a trip to the Beaujolais area. Great wine, great people and great opportunity to meet my colleagues. It was a very interesting way to explore the winery. The business game was intimidating at first, however throughout the process, you get to learn so much about it and about team work! Even though we were tired, it was worth it! I can’t wait to continue playing.

Toshiaki Carr Hagiwara – Japan

The Boot Camp started with an induction day where we went to a quintessential French vineyard in Beaujolais. It was a beautiful day and setting. We played a crime solving game as a team. The event gave me the opportunity to get to know my classmates from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, which was a lot of fun. I was also impressed by their ability to quickly adapt, form and perform as a group. Last but not least, there was great lunch!

From the second day on, we played a business strategy game as a team. The game was to run a virtual company in an online environment.


There were 5 people in the team all from different countries. I found this challenge particularly interesting because we had to make business strategic decisions in a very short amount of time without much information. I think it was a very good way to simulate the real working environment that entrepreneurs/leaders face. Again, I was impressed by my teammates’ ability to quickly adopt to feedback on our business strategy.

Overall it was an intensive 2 weeks but I learned a lot, not just from the boot camp itself, but also from my classmates who brought their different experiences and expertise to the activities.

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