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The EMLYON Bol d’Air Relay Race

The EMLYON Bol d’Air Relay Race

Bol d’Air is a yearly tradition organised by the sports department of emlyon business school. The event is a relay race spanning a gruelling 100 kilometers, starting from emlyon business school and ending at the beautiful Beaujolais countryside.

In representing the MBA cohort, we competed under the team name of Managers-By-Accident. We have to complete 10 different stages of either solo or team race of running, mountain biking, swimming, or run & bike.

Race day was stupendous! We gathered at the gymnasium around 0500hrs to get our race kits and prepared ourselves for the race. After a quick team talk, we are off with the race!

Kabir Pandit pushed himself to his limit and completed more than 10km. Yuan Liu surprised us all with her consistent running form. Anupaul Debnath did good work with his run and managed to make a few friends along the way. Luis Diaz was a beast in tackling both the swimming and uphill cycling stages. Eric Velandia showed that he is a natural cyclist by overtaking other teams numerous time. Zhe Jiang posted a good time in her first ever competitive cycling race. Arun Anand was perfect with his cycling and completed his stage even with a few detours along the way. Adrenaline was high on race day and that made us competitive, resulting in us surpassing our own expectations.

After our race, we were served with refreshments and given the moment to make friends with other students and professionals. A delightful dinner was served in an amazing dining hall soon after.

In all, the race was carefully coordinated and was a truly a perfect opportunity to share unforgettable moments in a sporty and friendly atmosphere. The race combined physicality, mentality, stamina, strategy, communication, and team work in an unprecedented way that cannot be replicated in a classroom.


By Philip Wee Chiang Wong – class of 2017 – 2018


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