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From Entrepreneurship to Asset Management – Why this Canadian now has his sights set on Europe

From Entrepreneurship to Asset Management – Why this Canadian now has his sights set on Europe

Kabir Pandit is not afraid of taking risks. Right after graduating from a Bachelor of Economics from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada in 2010, he decided to launch his own business in the import/export of stones such as marble and granite. Through working with suppliers from Brazil, China and India and then selling the products in Canada and the US, Kabir quickly gained international leadership skills that gave him the confidence he needed to successfully enter into the finance industry.

“I decided to shut the business down after 2 years but the experience and real-world knowledge I gained helped me in my future career as it differentiated me from traditional employees.”

In 2012 Kabir shifted his career into banking and asset management, where he has worked for the past 5 years. During this time he led small teams, giving him his first taste of management that he desired to expand on. “I wanted to improve on managing teams in my current industry and to improve on my soft skills to manage larger teams in the future.” He decided to pursue an MBA programme however he also wanted to make this an international experience so that he could further his skills and worldwide network.

Kabir chose emlyon business school in France due to its location, diverse cohort and focus on entrepreneurship. Based in Lyon, the school is a 2 hour train ride from Paris, 1 hour drive from Geneva and driving distance to Monaco, therefore providing an ideal location to be close to all the major financial hubs in Europe.

“Sharing my personal experiences with professors and classmates and learning about other people’s cultures and experiences has been the best part of the programme so far. The curriculum made it easier to discuss international case studies, companies and ideas that I would normally not have been exposed to if I didn’t do an MBA in France.”

However the experience was not always easy. “The biggest challenge was to adjust to being a student again. Especially not having been in school for 7 years it was tough to adjust to the workload and the lack of income while studying. I was able to overcome it by understanding that this is only temporary, and I should take advantage of having this great experience. Unfortunately, this year has gone by very quickly and I wish I could be a student again for another year.”

With his year in the MBA programme coming to an end, Kabir is now searching for a challenging opportunity in Asset Management in Europe. He hopes to leverage his past experience in North America, as well as his entrepreneurial skills and energy, to bring great value to the European market.


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