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An MBA candidate in the heart of ancient and modern China

An MBA candidate in the heart of ancient and modern China

« If you want to grow, find a good opportunity. »
Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba

The exchange program in CKGSB (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) is an amazing opportunity for an MBA candidate to enhance and extend the emlyon MBA experience. After five years of work for Airbus group in research and innovations I decided to join the emlyon MBA program. My goal was to develop additional business knowledge with the objective to gain more autonomy on new business development and innovations management.

Beyond the main classes and projects of the MBA, each of the candidates will meet plenty of opportunities along the year to customize and orientate the program according to his own professional project. The exchange program is one of the experience to not miss when you follow your MBA program there, mainly if like me, you are French, doing your MBA in France. This experience brings a significant international dimension to the program beyond the very diverse and international cohort.

Adrien Bernier, an MBA candidate explain his experience.

An MBA candidate in the heart of ancient and modern China.

Adrien BERNIER (International MBA 2017 – 2018)

From the beginning of the program, I knew I will do an exchange for this reason, but why choosing China? Or I could say, how not to choose China? How to not decide, today, to experience the country with the second highest nominal GDP in the world. The fast development of the “Greater Bay” for high tech and the program “Made in China 2025” let me think that this country has still a lot of resources and ambition to grow.

I though in one way or another I will be working with China one day and that this experience will bring me an additional experience and vision to better conduct my future activities. Finally, I picked this exchange also for the content and the planning of this exchange. The MBA in Lyon ended in june and the exchange in China started right after beginning of july which allowed me to optimize my personal finances and minimize the time to be available to work by doing the exchange during the summer.

An MBA candidate in the heart of ancient and modern China.

By choosing this exchange program you can expect to experience a real adventure. Discovering a new culture, learn a bit of Chinese with some classes during the exchange and get insights about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, strategies of investments, e-commerce marketing and branding but also innovation management. I have been very well welcome by the cohort and got integrated pretty fast to the CKGSB cohort. You will have also time to discover Beijing, the historical center of China with so many beautiful traditional places like the forbidden city, and the great wall. 

An MBA candidate in the heart of ancient and modern China.For sure, being a part of this exchange as an MBA candidate is a great experience. You will come back from China changed, with probably another vision of this country. Complementary knowledge and a local network to grow yourself even more internationally. 




 Written by Adrien Bernier, International MBA 2017-2018

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