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New Ventures Project Winners: MOBI-CARE

New Ventures Project Winners: MOBI-CARE

The aim of the New Venture class with Professor Rickie Moore is to teach students how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is required to set up a company. The MBA students work in groups on their own projects, allowing them to experience the process of developing a start-up with the help of each other, professors and industry professionals.

Basically, the course is structured in the following way:

  • From the first class the MBAs are encouraged to think about new ideas that may become future startups;
  • Each student then has to pitch their idea to the class, convincing the audience that his/her project should be chosen;
  • Once the selected projects are chosen, MBAs have to face the challenge to build up their teams to work on these projects. The main learning at this stage is how the choice from a such diverse group of students may be one of the key factors for success; and
  • The team’s projects have to be presented in front of a Jury composed by renowned professionals and investors.

Current student Marcus Vinicius Soares, from Brazil, has worked as legal consultant in the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry for almost 7 years before joining the MBA at emlyon business school. His team worked on a project called MOBI-CARE which was chosen by the Jury as the best start-up project in the class competition:


I was delighted to work, exchange and learn from my great team-members: Alexander Zhang, Damien Duquesne, Joel Pestana and Rebecca Yuhas, that made all this process possible. They are a such brilliant group of professionals able to turn good ideas into a real successful project. Special thanks for Damien Duquesne that impressively was able to deliver high results while studying and taking the exam to become CPA in France.


The name of our project is MOBI-CARE, a startup company with the aim to solve the Medical Deserts problem in France. After working with several ideas, we have decided to move further with this project and turn it into a possible solution to connect doctors, that do not want to move to rural areas, to the patients. By implementing smart-trucks with the best technology and support from the city-hall, MOBI-CARE can set up rotating circles of doctors between its mobile units and its fixed offices.

The experience of designing the business model, making the research and build the right assumptions while working hard with the team members along was a very enriching experience.

The MOBI-CARE project was chosen as the best project among all the other great ideas from my classmates. I think that the business model was very well-designed and effective, which was highly appreciated by the Jury. Also, the initiative to work on an idea to solve a social problem is always an important challenge for future entrepreneurs and, without any doubt, have made us proud of our project. 

The impressive cohesion and passion that my team demonstrated at the presentation was awesome and we were very glad to see that the investors could feel and recognize it as a perfect outcome. It was pleasure to see the evolution of all my classmates in such a short period. Without any doubt, an unforgettable experience in the MBA.”

Marcus Vinicius Soares, International MBA  2018 – 2019


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