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Learning Strategic Management from the Expert

Learning Strategic Management from the Expert

My decision to apply to the International MBA program at emlyon business school was motivated primarily by the courses proposed – strongly focusing on entrepreneurship – but also from the insight I received from two alumni, whom today are successful entrepreneurs in the MedTech industry in France. Not only did they convinced me that I would fall in love with the great city of Lyon, they also shared classes memories, highlighting the level of expertise of the professors, as well as the unique teaching style of some of them. The ability of a professor to share his knowledge and passion about a particular topic is a key factor in the learning success of a student, and each professor has their own way of doing it, whether it is using traditional methods or more inspirational ones. When I joined the IMBA program in September, I was very excited to meet and follow classes with unique professors, such as Rickie Moore (Design Thinking/New Venture) and Pascal Langevin (Management Accounting), whom have taught International MBA students for many years.


But this year, my 46 international classmates and myself were not the only ones starting at emlyon business school. In a continuous effort to raise the teaching quality, the emlyon business school is welcoming some new professors for the IMBA program, and Dr. Mark Esposito is one of them.


The night prior to my first class of “Strategic Management” back in September, I decided to have a quick look at the professor biography, “just” to know a bit about who I will be interacting with the next day. And here is what I found about him:

“He was named one of the emerging tomorrow’s thought leaders most likely to reinvent capitalism by Thinkers50, the world’s premier ranking of management thinkers and inducted into the « Radar » of the 30 most influential thinkers, on the rise. He is the co-founder of the concepts of « Fast Expanding Markets » and « DRIVE », which represent new lenses of growth detection at the macro, meso and micro levels of the economy.

Dr. Mark Esposito believes that the « Fast Expanding Markets” and their untapped potential are key, and a new lens for economic intelligence for the 21st Century. Beside his current role, Mark is part of the faculty at Harvard University and Co-Leader of the Institutes Council for the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Program at Harvard Business School.

Mark consults in the area of Corporate Sustainability and Competitiveness worldwide, including Board of Directors, Communities and National Governments. He has advised the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on the systemic nature of the EU crisis and serves as a cross-theme contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative on the Future of Production and the Circular Economy. »

Very impressed. Stunned. Feeling honored to have the opportunity to be taught about “Strategic Management” from such a worldwide expert. But also, intimidated: as a novice in that topic, will I be able to follow and get great value of such an expert?

If you are a student that is used to being taught in a traditional way, by means of following a structured class and going over each single slides of a meaningful presentation, the class provided by Mark would certainly shake things up! In fact, Mark is more of an inspirational teacher: by bonding with his students and creating an interactive class, he allowed the cohort to gain a more relevant and deeper understanding of the topic, through greater interest and engagement.

In today’s world, would you like to learn facts and figures about a particular topic, you can simply make a quick Google search, have a glance at Wikipedia, or order a book on Amazon. The added-value of having Mark as a professor is that he effectively teaches us why and how, rather than what. To that end, various group activities and simulations occurred during the classes, and extensive individual work was expected, to deliver a report as well as an infographic on a “Fast-Expanding Market”. All of us spent hours thinking of an appropriate “Fast Expanding Market”, looking for and analyzing data to support it. Today, our neurons are definitively sparked as soon as we hear or read about a 15% CAGR!

On behalf of our cohort, Mark, thank you for your enthusiasm and energy, and for sharing with us your expertise and passion!


Written by Hortense KIRISLI, Ph.D. International MBA 2018 – 2019, French/Turkish


For more information, download the program brochure

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