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From emlyon business school to Mckinsey & Company

From emlyon business school to Mckinsey & Company

Pedro Prado joined the International MBA from Brazil in 2017. Recently graduated, he returned to Brazil to join Mckinsey & Company as a consultant.

  1. What were you doing professionally before the MBA and why did you decide to join the program at emlyon?

Before joining emlyon business school I had a mixed career path in different industries and roles for 8 years. Most of them I worked for Coca-Cola Brazil as Commercial and Distribution Project Manager. In 2016, I ran the biggest and most challenging professional project of my career as the Venue Manager of the Olympic Games in RIO2016. This project was amazing because it brought with it the huge responsibility of mixing together the the most valuable worlwide brand with the biggest event in the world, and the experience of Thinking Strategically and Executing Perfectly. Doing an MBA was one of my life goals and after this intense experience the decision to go straight to the MBA was natural to me and the timing was perfect.

Many reasons brought me to emlyon:

  • Firstly I wanted to go to Europe spend this time out of Brazil, and France appeared as the best country because of the culture, food, and places to visit and size; Perfect choice!
  • Secondly, the entrepreneurial mindset and structure that the school has;
  • Lastly and most important the international exposure and diversity of the cohort;
  1. You were recently hired by Mckinsey & Company in Brazil, what is the scope of your current position?

Mckinsey is one of the top consulting firms bringing not only results to its clients but also meaningful impact on their business. Mckinsey is nowadays looking for consultants that have not only the strategic thinking but also someone who gets his/her hands dirty to make change happen. I just joined the firm last November and my role focuses mainly on the Operations Practice helping clients to get the best of their supply-chain working side-by-side with them from start to finish, enhancing change leadership and building client capabilities.

  1. Why did you decide to go into consulting?

One of the reasons to do the MBA was to think about new industries and roles that I could work to become a more skillful businessman.

In the second half of the MBA year, after solving several real cases, working with very diverse groups, creating solutions from scratch, trying to understand the real problems to solve, I realized that this could be a very motivational way of working for me. So, I realized that the best way to experiment different industries and roles was within the consulting path therefore, I started to look for consulting jobs.

  1. What was the most beneficial part of the MBA in preparing you for your future career in consulting

I think three main things I can list as the most beneficial part of the MBA that helped me get this job:

  • The career sessions, such as two exclusive sessions for those who wanted to join consulting firms and also the WAKE-UP CALL session. We participated in assessments simulations for job interviews in an intense and tough  environment, like the ones in the interview processes for consulting firms.
  • The ELP (Entrepreneurial Leadership Project), which is a project of 7 months where a group of students choose the projects with real companies to help them solve their problems. This is a very typical consulting job routine and helped me a lot to understand the client-thinking approach linked with the problem-solving mindset.
  • Classmates/Networking. This one was the most important to me because the interview process for Consulting Firms is very different from the ones I was used to before that were more related with previous experiences and behavior and for the consulting the case based interviews.

During the program we formed a group of 10 people that were engaged with the subject and we started to share books and knowledge on how we should tackle each case situation and finally, we went to practice the cases in groups and then in pairs. I found that around three months is a good time for practicing and getting confidence for those interviews.

  1. What was the most memorable part of the MBA program?

Besides the tough times we spent working hard on the Full-time MBA, the things that last are uncountable. I think the projects we had more time to work on were the ones I liked most like the New Venture project, where in a group of five we created a new business from scratch and for the final evaluation, we pitched to a real jury.

The learnings trips were also highlights from this MBA. For example, the main one to Finland where we could learn a new culture, ways of thinking and innovating with simplicity.

And the most important one: the international exposure that I was looking for I found there in different scopes: in the great cohort, in the cases we worked on and on the ELP project that I was a consultant for 7 months in a Swiss-French company: HILTI. I feel confident now to apply for a job in any place in the world after this experience.

  1. Are you still in touch with your classmates?

Definitely, I am still in contact with them, after one year of working hard and having a good time with my classmates it was impossible to leave this MBA without great friends!



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