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Learning Trip to Geneva, Switzerland

Learning Trip to Geneva, Switzerland

One of the key aspects of the International MBA at emlyon is the learning trips that are organized by the school during the duration of this program. The learning trips not only provide a whole new level of exposure in terms of different countries and cultures but also give us an opportunity to build a strong network with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Amidst all the courses, assignments and deadlines during the program, our cohort had the privilege to visit Geneva, Switzerland for one such learning trip. Interestingly, the city of Geneva is the host to many International organizations and our cohort along with the visiting students from University of Connecticut (USA) visited two of the world’s largest International organizations namely – World Trade Organization (WTO) and United Nations (UN).

The day started with our visit to the World Trade Organization where we had the golden opportunity to be seated in one of the main conference rooms in which the WTO meetings take place. Soon after, we had a presentation from the WTO delegates to understand the nuances of how the organization operates and how trade between countries takes place. The presentation was elaborate and quite interesting as it gave all the students an insight of the day to day operations at WTO. After this presentation was a coffee break which was followed by another presentation from the delegates of International Organization of Standardization (ISO) which is an organization that develops and publishes International standards across industries for all its members.

One of the 3 delegates from ISO was Ms. Rebecca Hernandez who is an alumna of emlyon business school (International MBA 2017-2018) and it was motivating to see a recent emlyon graduate doing so well in her career.

The WTO visit was followed by a lunch organized by the school after which we headed to the United Nations (UN) for a guided tour of the Palais des Nations. In the 1-hour tour, we visited the modern conference room XVII which is a present offered by the United Arab Emirates to the office of the United Nations in Geneva.

Then, we visited the Council Chamber where many historical negotiations have taken place and our guide gave examples of the resolutions that have been debated there. It is incredible to think that the world’s negotiators have made their mark in this chamber with the intention and aim of making change. For those interested in international politics, this tour is certainly eye-opening, and it is no surprise that 115,000 people participate in the tour on a yearly basis.

Another experience that is going to stay with all of us will be our visit to the main Assembly Hall which is the largest room in the Palais des Nations and where many historical negotiations and assemblies have taken place. Through this tour, we got an insight into the workings of the United Nations and had an opportunity to learn and see the various conference rooms and grounds that are at the heart of diplomacy.

The day was brought to an end with a fancy French dinner in a traditional swiss restaurant for 85 students in total from emlyon business school and the University of Connecticut. As an International MBA student from India at emlyon business school, I feel privileged to have experienced this trip with my wonderful classmates and it truly was a unique opportunity! Hosting about 40 MBA students from USA was fruitful in terms of getting to know the American way of working and their approach to critical professional situations.

This trip was possible only because of the continuous efforts of Prof. Ricky Moore and Prof. Hans Schlierer and I would like to thank them on behalf of our cohort. They coordinated the whole day, guided us around each place and made sure everything and everyone was fit & fine. Special thanks to Dr. Rhoda Davidson (Program Director) for always ensuring everything is running smoothly and being responsive and accessible in every situation.

With this I am eagerly looking forward to our one-week long learning trip to Finland in February…Stay tuned!

By Sarthak Singhal, Indian, International MBA 2018 – 2019


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