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A beautiful collaboration between EmLyon IMBA students & Renault Trucks

A beautiful collaboration between EmLyon IMBA students & Renault Trucks

You can find below the inspiring article written by the Volvo Group, regarding the latest project collaboration between EmLyon’s International MBA  students and Renault Trucks.


The Volvo Group reinforces its partnership (Academic Partner Program) called “talent and learning” with EmLyon Business school. Ten students, from different nationalities of the school’s international MBA, worked alongside Renault Trucks on two important topics for the company as well as tomorrow’s society: electromobility and the creation of customer portal. In late June, the students presented their research results to the Renault Trucks project managers.

A few months back, Valérie Reynaud (Competence & Talent management director) introduced Loic Mellinand’s Product Sales Support teams to students of the EmLyon Business school ‘s international MBA so that they could work together on Renault Trucks strategic subjects, within the framework of their Entrepreneurial Leadership Project. The two projects were:

  • Transformation of the value chain of industrial vehicles manufacturers with the impact of electric mobility, managed by Arnaud Porretta, Heavy Duty range director, and Thierry Carbonnel, Medium Duty range director;
  • Implementation of a customer portal that aims to create an optimal customer experience with productivity and uptime services, managed by Laurent Bianchini.

Benchmarks, customer interviews, creative workshops, design thinking but also collaborative work and regular exchanges between the students and Renault Trucks allowed a good realization of these projects.

Late June, the 10 students presented their results to Renault Trucks. The project on electric mobility was also presented to the Executive Management Team (EMT) of Renault Trucks. Electric mobility is, indeed, at the core of the energy strategy Renault Trucks implemented to meet EU regulations and to offer the best transport solutions to its customers. The students’ work, collaboration and dedication allowed to find new approaches and to deepen our knowledge on the matter. “The outside point of view of the students brought us an external approach which is a true value for Renault Trucks. They challenged and forced us to shift our paradigms to imagine how our industry could transform in the future.” Commented Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks.

At the restitution, the students stated that they particularly enjoyed working for Renault Trucks and that they were very dedicated to the projects. “We had a lot of exchanges with Renault Trucks in order to better understand the stakes” they commented.

“It was very enlightening to have experimented people from different horizons. It allowed us to integrate new ideas and it challenged us. It was a teamwork that broaden our perspectives.” Stated Thierry, Arnaud and Laurent, the Renault Trucks project managers. Loic Mellinand completed their input by commending the students’ professionalism and the quality of their collaboration, and considered the partnership a true success.


You can find the original article written by Renault Trucks on Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/renault-trucks_renault-trucks-renforce-son-partenariat-talent-activity-6557266285342801921-Wf8_


For more information about the program, visit our website!

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